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Spigot rings exist to ensure aftermarket wheels, or wheels from another make or model of car, are able to fit centrally on a wheel hub. A wheel can only be fitted to a hub that is of a smaller bore, unless you purchase and fit a hub adapter. These hub centric rings, ensure the wheels are sat 100% perfectly central onto the hub, which eliminates wheel wobble which can often be experienced above 60mph, or vibrations that can be felt. Not using spigot rings can be a big risk, as the load is placed upon the bolts, which in turn can snap, resulting in a wheel becoming looser or even coming off.

We can supply and advise on Spigot Rings, Custom made spigots, Hub adapters and Wheel spacers for most cars. If you want to change the wheels on your car for aftermarket wheels, or ones that have come off another make or model, or even if you just wish to add some width in your stance of your wheels, our team are here to help. We can also quote and cater for bulk orders too.

UK Postage is £5.00, which is for the Royal Mail Tracked service.

Spigot rings are also known as hub centric rings, o'rings, spacers, or center locating rings, however, they can be referred to as any, as they generally all mean the same, they are also commonly mis-spelt spiggot or spiggots according to our website search analytics.